Brussels (November 17 - December 2, 2007)

Jonctions / Verbindingen 10: Tracks in electr(on)ic fields

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Sunday 25/11 | 14:00-19:00

E-traces meeting

Michel CleempoelAndrea FioreTsila Hassine La ligue des droits de l’hommeChristophe LazaroNicolas Malevé MéTAmorphoZ Antoinette RouvroyMarc Wathieu
Presentations & discussions

Michel Cleempoel & Nicolas Malevé
Welcome and presentation of E-traces program

Michel Cleempoel & Nicolas Malevé
Demo of Yoogle! inventory

Presentations, lectures and discussions of artists and theoreticians analysing the surveillance issues at stake in web 2.0, its economy and the ways it operates.

Tsila Hassine
Shmoogle & Tracer

Marc Wathieu
Le Syndicat des Robots

Andrea Fiore

Traditional privacy-enhancing tools don’t provide functionalities for making more visible the auditing activities preformed by web sites and advertisers trough cookies. By collecting and aggregating in a publicly
accessible database cookie information coming from several users, Cookiecensus wants to survey the cookie population of the most crowded and banner infected sites on the web.

La Ligue des Droits de l’homme
La vie quotidienne sous contrôle
Presentation of the next thematic week: Daily life under control.
Today in Belgium, informations about every individual are stored in an average of 600 different databases. A huge amount of daily operations are leaving an electronic trace. Taken in isolation, these recordings may appear benign. The users of the different electronic services are
told they are useful and necessaries. But considered globally, they represent a blattant infringement to the right that garanties the respect for private life garanteed by the European Convention of human rights.

MéTAmorphoZ (Natalia de Mello, Valérie Cordy)

With the project Doppelgänger, the collective MéTAmorphoZ focuses on the thematic of the electronic double(duplicate, twin) in a society of control and surveillance. « Our electronic identity, symbol of this new society of control, duplicates our organic and social identity. But this legal obligation to be assigned a unique, stable and unforgeable identity isn’t, in the end, a danger for our fundamental freedom to claim identitites which are irreducibly multiple for each of us?

Christophe Lazaro
La vie privée et les droits d’auteur liés aux profils

Open invitation
Additional presentations, questions and discussion