Brussels (November 17 - December 2, 2007)

Jonctions / Verbindingen 10: Tracks in electr(on)ic fields

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La Bellone

From November 24 to December 2, La Bellone (Maison du spectacle) hosts V/J10 in different rooms and spaces scattered around their historical building in the centre of Brussels. The front of this building, erected at the beginning of the XVIII century and designed by Jean Cosyn, architect-sculptor of the Grand Place in Brussels, opens on a courtyard, now covered with a glass roof. La Bellone is dedicated to the support of the performing arts and functions as forum, information centre, rehearsal space and podium.

La Bellone, Rue de Flandre, 46 1000 Bruxelles

A situated reporter , All problems of notation will be solved by the masses , Concert with various extended objects , Dance (praticable) , Destination port , Dérive audio géographique et écoute du spectre électromagnétique de la ville , Extended Speakers , Fabriques de la danse , Faceless , Feed Real Feel Read workshop 1 , Feed Real Feel Read workshop 2 , Feed Real Feel Read workshop 3 , From Topics and Geniuses to Insects and Affects , From centres of calculation to centres of envelopment: intensive movement in digital signal processing , Ghost machinery , InfoEnclosure-2.0 , Instrumented gestures: on open usability , La répétition d’un geste ne rend-elle pas forcément fou? , Modern Times , Mutual Motions: introduction , Open source software usability , Praticable , Praticable Worskhop , Privacy in the ambient intelligence era , The Embassy of Elgaland Vargaland