Brussels (November 17 - December 2, 2007)

Jonctions / Verbindingen 10: Tracks in electr(on)ic fields

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Dominique Goblet

Visual artist. She shows her work in galleries and publishes her stories in magazine and books. In all cases, what she tries to pursue is an art of the multi-faceted narrative. Her exhibitions of paintings, strictly, is another way to tell - from frame to frame and in the whole space of the gallery - an other form of fragmented stories. Her comic books question the deep or thin relations between the human beings. As an author, she has taken part to almost all the Frigobox series published by Fréon (Brussels) and to several Lapin magazines, published by L’Association (Paris). A silent comic book is published in the gigantic Comix 2000 (L’Association). In the beginning of 2002, a second book is published by the same editor : Souvenir d’une journée parfaite - A perfect day memories - a complex story that combines autobiographical facts and fictions.

Ghost machinery