Brussels (November 17 - December 2, 2007)

Jonctions / Verbindingen 10: Tracks in electr(on)ic fields

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praticable I adj 1. (chemin, gué) passable; (terrain de sport) playable 2. (exécutable: opération, projet) practicable; (moyen) practical 3. ARCHIT, THEAT (fenêtre, décor) practicable II m 1. THEAT prop 2. CINE, TV dolly
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_"We call « bodypractices » the physical activities based on a conception of the moving body and that define a set of exercices whose aim is to concretely realise this conception. The focus is thus to work more on the functionning of the body than on its image or a preconceived representation (for ex., a particular style).
If one could observe in the past years a particular attachment to body representations and conventions of representation in many a dance performance, it is useful and productive to directly question body practices, inasmuch as they often infer a specific conception of the body and work on it to make it fit that conception.
How does a particular body practice infer a particular form of representation and how does it determine a form and a method of choreographic writing? How far does a body practice convey a social and political thinking ? How can methods, frame and modes of organisation in the creation work find a coherence with the body practice, and which form of representation do they infer ?
These questions ground Praticable, a collaborative project bringing together various artists around body practices, choreographic writing and representation.

Praticable proposes itself as a horizontal work structure, which brings into relation research, creation, transmission and production structure. This structure is the basis for the creation of many performances that will be signed by one or more participants in the project. These performances are grounded, in one way or another, in the exploration of body practices to approach representation.
Concretely, the form of Praticable is periods of common research of /on physical practices which will be the soil for the various creations. The creation periods will be part of the research periods. Thus, each specific project implies the involvement of all participants in the practice, the research and the elaboration of the practice from which the piece will ensue.

Example : Frédéric de Carlo and Isabelle Schad plan a performance work. They will co-sign and dance this work. Alice Chauchat, Frédéric Gies and Odile Seitz take part in the work period on the body practice that will be the basis fort his production. They practice and discuss this practice with the two authors of the future piece.

Thus, the transmission and circulation of our practices, knowledge and questions grounds our performance projects. The practices considered rest upon a non-hierarchical model for the transmission of knowledge.
Moreover, during each creation, time can also be devoted to the exploration of new possibilities for works to come.
Finally, in order to keep these questions open and to offer a multiplicity of perspectives, each performance of the pieces made within Praticable will be preceded by a first part, during between 10 and 20 minutes. This first part can be either an excerpt from another piece, a short piece or a work in progress, in all cases a part of Praticable. We reserve the choice for this part, as a mean to highlight Praticable as a coherent collaborative structure."

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