Brussels (November 17 - December 2, 2007)

Jonctions / Verbindingen 10: Tracks in electr(on)ic fields

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Frédéric Gies

After studying ballet and contemporary dance, Frédéric Gies worked with various choreographers such as Daniel Larrieu, Bernard Glandier, Jean-François Duroure, Olivia Grandville and Christophe Haleb.
In 1995, he creates a duet in collaboration with Odile Seitz (Because I love).
In 1998 he starts to work in collaboration with Frédéric De Carlo. they create together various performances: Le principal défaut (CND, Paris), Le principal défaut-solo (Tipi de Beaubourg, Paris) , En corps (CND, Paris) , Post porn traffic (Macba, Barcelona) , In bed with rebecca (Vooruit, Gent ), (don’t) Show it! (Scène nationale, Dieppe), Second hand vintage collector (sometimes we like to mix it up!) (Ausland, Berlin).

In 2OO4, he dances in The better you look, the more you see by Isabelle Schad and starts taking part in Good Work (California Roll).
In the same year he beginns a series of solos: Sleeping beauties/Ultra sexy amazons (1st version in Tanzfabrik, 2nd in Ausland, Berlin) and The bitch is back under pressure (reloaded) (Basso, Berlin)
In the frame of praticable, he made dance (praticable) and The breast piece (praticable) in collaboration with Alice Chauchat. He also takes part in Still Lives (Good Work: Anderson/ Gies/ Pelmus/ Pocheron/ Schad).

Praticable Worskhop Dance (praticable)Praticable ,